Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sherubtse and me

when watching people coming from Sherubtse,
10 years ago was very hurting my ego.
then was i child wishing to be one of them.
success have sacrifices was i in believe.
burnt the midnight candle and studied,
lessening my pocket money on those candles,
really was my great sacrifice.
at last could make my dream not only in sleep,
in reality too i reached this Sherubtse college.
Now from here i write this what you call.......
place as designed as the heaven yet;
friends sharper than the Arthur's Excalibur,
teachers mightier than the great Khali,
suicides come time and again,
haunting all my peaceful dreams.
study i do at 20 and rest all my pleasures.
holidays makes jump the height of my ceiling,
workdays blows the cold breeze of Yonphula,
penetrating even my thinnest bone marrows,
crafting on it my due date of assignment.
still love it out here as a Sherubtsean.

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