Monday, April 7, 2014

his chilDhooD 1

      was so small and hero was his want,
            every Saturday joyed to watch TV, (2002)
was bad in academic and all.
in whatever comes last,
there was feeling inside always,
when seen those receiving prizes,
knocks hard at the ribs, his heart,
that if he was him but was never.
wanted to be a super hero,
best and fast like spider man,
thinking those thought dad left,
at a very age of 8 fail to cry.(2003)
he was his every thing and learn.
never said a thing but shown many,
salute to him as a man and love as a son.
came up in a school bullying was power,
tore the books and stoned anonymously,(2005)
at those who did at him ill treatment.
never did homework nor house,
but played to the fullest naughtiness.
simple they say from his looks,
that was the secret of his strength.
flirting gals was his favorite subject,
it is where he was always the topper.
came first in front of crowd badly,
when the principal sued him in public,
that was too under couple case.(2006)
shocked was his seniors who failed,
who failed even in writing love-letter.

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