Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Walk even with Objections...

The clean air stained by fogs and cloud;
Can't even see the face who calls me loud.
Life that's so pure and bright in sunshine;
Is dark and unfriendly, and never fine.
A stream contaminated in rainy days;
It becomes clear and neat in other ways.
Mistakes we blunder in our own path;
Though time cleanse like a body bath.
In memories, thoughts it stays as a scar;
Hurting, paining more than those in war.
Living seems a waste and welcomes death;
Dying isn't liberation we feel, and wait.
Being happy, still dying isn't the satisfaction;
So it is natural to walk even with objections.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

personal emotions

Mad some have gone, tears that are shed.
Sad for having none, missing who are death.
Bonds that are done, future that can’t be bet.
Poor to buy a phone, being the regret’s pet.

In these four confusing lines I said my pains.
Every day and every season it always rains.
Though I stand, it makes me live in drains.
I have for all the time, all day tried to refrain.
It may be nothing to you in your brain,
 But for 20 years I have been in this sore train.

why use creams???

 Manage your looks and profile of Facebooks;
For it doesn’t count the pages you read in books.
The world a child dreams is but a fake;
Hard it is to, for people’s belief to make.

Look beautiful and damn so handsome;
Or you will be like all day full of rum.
Fact it is, true it is but no one do agree;
Deep inside it is with all at high degree.

That everyone loves the beauty of Cinderella;
That no one can praise the evil look of Dracula.

That Beauty and Beast were but only in tales;
That in today’s world Beauty and Brain never fails.
So that’s why I started to use costly creams;
Bought from the moneys earned with screams.