Saturday, February 21, 2015

Day care Centre.

Day Care Centre please.

Day Care Centre is a desperate need in my country. Parents who have job and whose children have to be left alone in their house really need a clean and responsible Day Care Centre. Such parents suffer lack of babysitters. Even if they get someone to babysit, they aren’t trained. And in such a situation many parents look at their own old parents as the last resort. I remember my middle school teacher, Galay Wangchuk, saying that many Bhutanese old people do hunch and their children make them to hunch more by making them carry their grandchildren.

Not just the employed parents, but this is the same case with the villagers. Women who are unemployed and bears a child, they too don’t get much time with their child. They have to work to earn for their husband’s wage alone can’t feed the whole family. At last the victim of many newborn is their grandparents. In our Buddhist country we have somewhat like a tradition or a culture i.e. old people must start counting the holy beads or circumambulate.

In every nook and corner of the country there is the need of Day Care Centre. Moreover places where there is this Care needs trained employees. Suppose today in BBS (27th Jan, 2015), it is broadcasted that a four year child is receiving treatment for two months in the hospital. He had fallen from the 3rd floor of the building. Hearing such news really tears the heart apart. Sincerely from my own perspective the employees of the Care must be well-trained and dutifully responsible.

Interviewees say that the government have to do something. Actually it shouldn’t always be the government. Government is not meant just to spoon feed the demand of people. We have got private companies who should start such Care with trained and responsible employee.

Last two words, “Day Care Centre” and “trained employees” can save the day.