Saturday, May 31, 2014

why can't a friend be friend with friend when.........

friends are my favorite channel,                                      
they live and makes me live.
14 years ago when i was a kid.
when grandma called for lunch,
i didn't listen as i was playing.
that days i chose my friends.
all my school life in school,
when there was classes,
i bunked with my friends.
that days i chose my friends.
when my girlfriend call for date,
and there my friend stood alone,
that day i chose my friend.
now even if god call me,
i am completely sure that,
i will choose my friends.
                                                     today when i am alone and lonely, dying.
                                                      why can't my friend be with me?????

                                       "friends die, friendship sails forever." -no one.

a dog and cat can be friends,


                               a man and a dog can be friends,

then why? why? why? why?
can't a man and a woman be.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

i am a Bhutanese

Who am I?
I am a boy one year ago had qualified from the name kid and very soon would be promoted as a man. I had always wished to be a journalist. To serve my country and my people is my sole objectivity. By blood I am a Bhutanese, my grandfather used to say Bhutanese works for others. I too want to work for my people and my country. My country’s hard time is also a hard time for me. May never do my duty to my country as a hero but shall never fail to serve her in small ways. Journalist tells all my vows and beliefs.
What am I doing here?
Here in this Sherubtse College I am studying to make myself what I had wished for. Well, can also say preparing for future. I am doing great here, meeting our legends, getting inspired to do more than they did. Study is my only 30% concentration and 70% is divided in reading novels, chatting, watching movies and writing poems. The real purpose to be here is to study and I am fulfilling the purpose.
Where am I heading to?
I am heading to my dream, my longing ambition to be a journalist. Now almost a year is passing studying Media Studies and weighing what I got in one year is telling me that I am going to make it as a journalist. I am very excited as now there is only two years and after that a full-fledged journalist and at the same time in this two more years I will take lot from this college both in brain and heart.    
Tashi Namgay.
Eng/Media. 2nd semester.
Late submission, sorry sir.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Second Titanic

first came for a date with all her charms,
they were in grade 9,it was in his class room.
lunch one in the class to disturb.
he started with the tree seen outside.
that very first day he promised to her,
the promises he shall fulfill all his life.
first was to make her his lifelong wife,
always to make her live in happiness,
never to leave her when she needed.
she said with a smile and lets see.
all days passed meeting secretly in glee.
the way reached to kiss each other...
she kissed him to his cheeks, both blushed.
he went back satisfied, she burnt her dustbin,
as was her ever first kiss to her boyfriend.
next day laughed to fullest both of them.
and thence kissing was no more a tough job.
they hugged and kissed whenever was chance.
in love and everyone envied their partnership.
so much romantic to each other and for other
prominently called them by all the second Titanic.