Thursday, April 24, 2014

the Proposal

waited for a week to prepare,
just as about to go to war,
but a peaceful and solemn war.
memorized the word all free time,
couldn't get right all the time.
true words are harder than Physics,
harder enough to lose the hope.
yet he never for the first time in him,
have come to this stage of life,
where he truly fell in love with a gal.
alarm clock alarmed to wake for,
today he is going to propose her.
check out all the dress to be clean,
gone down meet face to face.
looking to her eyes blew away,

the tense in him to tell her his love.
came the answer you already had,
a gal near you and she love you.
forgot he has a girl friend to love.
broke her up and made her fall tears.
next day went again to tell love.
she said after one year..............
said one year can bring me to death,
one year had power to even fade names.
then was reply shorten to a week.
and it was Thursday she accepted him.
27 July was to exact they got together.
same date when Romeo and Juliet died,
same date his love requited to eternal,
in his heart and in his world, love won.  

Monday, April 21, 2014

Meeting arranged by God

2009 reached in windy Taktse,
all dressed in so decent,
hairs short and many beauty.
saw friends smoking and he too.
a gal came to be him with vow.
said want to be with him long.
was beautiful in face and eyes,
height not bad so accepted.
night long and dream came,
saw a gal with white Tego...
with pink Kira whao! perfect.
she was distanced by a river,
waving him goodbye and away,
his heart disheartened and crying.
suddenly woke up and was dream.
wondered it as god's signal.
months pass by in that wind,
Saturday still remember that day,
saw the same gal and astonished,
couldn't believe was she in his dream?
hair so curly and white milky skin.
exact to what he saw in his dream.
fell in love for first time from heart.
she built Taj Mahal in his heart,
no beauty queen could ever replace.
love starts from eye they say, he did.
learn that she was single and yes,
that she never had a boyfriend.
thought she was in wait of him.
gathered all the pulse to tell her.
that he love from the deepest of heart.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


                                 always in my dream you reside,
                                      lets me keep all aside
                                      always comes in my need,
good riddance to my greed.
whenever i in bottom and fail,
you never stop to inspire my feel.
never makes me worry and jealous,
only i can see you with so much zealous.
when all want me to cry, you smile,
that takes me far than a yard to miles.
knows everything i wish to be;
lifting my heart to the glee.

i never forget i am a ordinary grass,

a green grass which make animal graze.
but when the morning sun starts to blaze,
there you see the diamond like dew,
present not in everyone but in few.
and i am one that more glistens,
can see so beauty but not listen.
and here i say you are the one,
shining me bright and never gone.
a dew on the grass is grass's desire
and you in my dream is my empire.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Hymn to....In Your Sickness

starry nights is all's love
all's love made by the stars.
stars made by the night,
night makes the twinkling,
bring the very charm of stars.
like the twinkling is you,
a friend very special,
sick you may be or..
star shrouded by the clouds,
will shine again, will come.
again to us as our best,
b'coz prayed in Zangdopelri,
negotiated your health with,
and god did approved us,
that you will be well again.
if not he be with his words,
no twinkling for any stars said.
now without it, stars charmless,
and without you our class too.
last the words..grant the wish..
pray for you our friend TeePee.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

his chilDhooD 2

played a lot on ground,
tire was never known.
a teacher ask him to dance,
class is not his stage was his say,
challenge to perform in the Show,
still regrets of that ego.
ashamed even in crowd,
let alone to dance in front. 
yes he did and popular he became,
in the small place of Kungarabten, (2008)
that time built confidence for mass,
and a step closer to a hero.
finally the end of primary school..
dreamed how Middle school run..
knew it shall be a turn,
knew it was in Taktse.

Monday, April 7, 2014

his chilDhooD 1

      was so small and hero was his want,
            every Saturday joyed to watch TV, (2002)
was bad in academic and all.
in whatever comes last,
there was feeling inside always,
when seen those receiving prizes,
knocks hard at the ribs, his heart,
that if he was him but was never.
wanted to be a super hero,
best and fast like spider man,
thinking those thought dad left,
at a very age of 8 fail to cry.(2003)
he was his every thing and learn.
never said a thing but shown many,
salute to him as a man and love as a son.
came up in a school bullying was power,
tore the books and stoned anonymously,(2005)
at those who did at him ill treatment.
never did homework nor house,
but played to the fullest naughtiness.
simple they say from his looks,
that was the secret of his strength.
flirting gals was his favorite subject,
it is where he was always the topper.
came first in front of crowd badly,
when the principal sued him in public,
that was too under couple case.(2006)
shocked was his seniors who failed,
who failed even in writing love-letter.

Friday, April 4, 2014


when loneliness surrounds me;
when i face with the troubles,
when sad i become in heart,
hell! it's only my friend who helps.
had a friend and still is,
can't share all to parents
can't tell it loud in the street,
but just to a friend i can openly.
cry in front of him, and laugh,
can share my grief to him
and my success as well.
insults, fight but still a friend.
should say and state that aye,
sometimes water is thicker than blood.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sherubtse and me

when watching people coming from Sherubtse,
10 years ago was very hurting my ego.
then was i child wishing to be one of them.
success have sacrifices was i in believe.
burnt the midnight candle and studied,
lessening my pocket money on those candles,
really was my great sacrifice.
at last could make my dream not only in sleep,
in reality too i reached this Sherubtse college.
Now from here i write this what you call.......
place as designed as the heaven yet;
friends sharper than the Arthur's Excalibur,
teachers mightier than the great Khali,
suicides come time and again,
haunting all my peaceful dreams.
study i do at 20 and rest all my pleasures.
holidays makes jump the height of my ceiling,
workdays blows the cold breeze of Yonphula,
penetrating even my thinnest bone marrows,
crafting on it my due date of assignment.
still love it out here as a Sherubtsean.

to my Friends KC and Choda

friends we were,we are, will be,
committed we remain to the end.
drank together when had money,
seller doubt us we are student,
convinced we made him.
that we are in job and was touring.
handed the drinks on our table.
imbalance we became after.
complain reach the ear of our teacher.
called in to his office and was his scolds,
Didn't matter a lot as ours was fault.
informed the parents felt the pain.
after the session was just laughter,
vowed never to drink further our capacity.

class was made up at 6:30pm, Tuesday.
thought to make our presence there,
Photoshop was going to be taught,
was interested in all of us to learn that.
came the view that shoes are out,
imagined our socks going to spoil,
spoil the very scent of that lovely class.
ran to hostel to return with clean one,
hostel was were our bed is,
so made the decision to be absent.
jotting these memories still stretches,
my lovely and kissing lips.


Asked by few that was i right?
said in turn i never hide.
that yes my friend lived,
actually was they in name.
they lived life of wrong doings,
stated by the law was their work,
that it was purely against the law.
they grew up without their parents.
income was what they needed most.
marijuana was the answer,
to rub and sale as market was large.
Bright was they in their studies
and now education wants money.
They used money for their survival,
and yes for their education.
money came from that rubbing.
it was for the good cause but,
law says they are culprit and punished.
Now tell me readers, what is your say?A penny for your thought.