Thursday, April 17, 2014


                                 always in my dream you reside,
                                      lets me keep all aside
                                      always comes in my need,
good riddance to my greed.
whenever i in bottom and fail,
you never stop to inspire my feel.
never makes me worry and jealous,
only i can see you with so much zealous.
when all want me to cry, you smile,
that takes me far than a yard to miles.
knows everything i wish to be;
lifting my heart to the glee.

i never forget i am a ordinary grass,

a green grass which make animal graze.
but when the morning sun starts to blaze,
there you see the diamond like dew,
present not in everyone but in few.
and i am one that more glistens,
can see so beauty but not listen.
and here i say you are the one,
shining me bright and never gone.
a dew on the grass is grass's desire
and you in my dream is my empire.

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