Wednesday, April 2, 2014

to my Friends KC and Choda

friends we were,we are, will be,
committed we remain to the end.
drank together when had money,
seller doubt us we are student,
convinced we made him.
that we are in job and was touring.
handed the drinks on our table.
imbalance we became after.
complain reach the ear of our teacher.
called in to his office and was his scolds,
Didn't matter a lot as ours was fault.
informed the parents felt the pain.
after the session was just laughter,
vowed never to drink further our capacity.

class was made up at 6:30pm, Tuesday.
thought to make our presence there,
Photoshop was going to be taught,
was interested in all of us to learn that.
came the view that shoes are out,
imagined our socks going to spoil,
spoil the very scent of that lovely class.
ran to hostel to return with clean one,
hostel was were our bed is,
so made the decision to be absent.
jotting these memories still stretches,
my lovely and kissing lips.

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