Thursday, April 24, 2014

the Proposal

waited for a week to prepare,
just as about to go to war,
but a peaceful and solemn war.
memorized the word all free time,
couldn't get right all the time.
true words are harder than Physics,
harder enough to lose the hope.
yet he never for the first time in him,
have come to this stage of life,
where he truly fell in love with a gal.
alarm clock alarmed to wake for,
today he is going to propose her.
check out all the dress to be clean,
gone down meet face to face.
looking to her eyes blew away,

the tense in him to tell her his love.
came the answer you already had,
a gal near you and she love you.
forgot he has a girl friend to love.
broke her up and made her fall tears.
next day went again to tell love.
she said after one year..............
said one year can bring me to death,
one year had power to even fade names.
then was reply shorten to a week.
and it was Thursday she accepted him.
27 July was to exact they got together.
same date when Romeo and Juliet died,
same date his love requited to eternal,
in his heart and in his world, love won.  

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