Monday, April 21, 2014

Meeting arranged by God

2009 reached in windy Taktse,
all dressed in so decent,
hairs short and many beauty.
saw friends smoking and he too.
a gal came to be him with vow.
said want to be with him long.
was beautiful in face and eyes,
height not bad so accepted.
night long and dream came,
saw a gal with white Tego...
with pink Kira whao! perfect.
she was distanced by a river,
waving him goodbye and away,
his heart disheartened and crying.
suddenly woke up and was dream.
wondered it as god's signal.
months pass by in that wind,
Saturday still remember that day,
saw the same gal and astonished,
couldn't believe was she in his dream?
hair so curly and white milky skin.
exact to what he saw in his dream.
fell in love for first time from heart.
she built Taj Mahal in his heart,
no beauty queen could ever replace.
love starts from eye they say, he did.
learn that she was single and yes,
that she never had a boyfriend.
thought she was in wait of him.
gathered all the pulse to tell her.
that he love from the deepest of heart.

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