Monday, March 31, 2014


My nearby girls are so modern
Actually no one claims this and me too
They are but in their own thoughts.
They dress up like we do,
Eat like what we eat,
And yeah everything is all the same;
But why they are of the thought,
That above they live from us.
Body figure maintained piggy,
With looks equal to Asara,
Still thinks they are the Moderns.
Just knowing how to sing,
Sing some new English songs;
And staying all day online,
Guess qualify them as moderns.
Hell with that thought of yours.
You are but the servant of facilities,
And servants existed only in Middle ages,
Now sorry you are placed to far past
Marking you as the new old century DOG.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

my say

When small, wished a doctor to be
Could help people live, unlike my dad.
Grew old and journalist became the aim
Now only five steps to make, make real.
History was in my blood, to know past;
See what was true and what was wrong,
Decide ourselves by the experience of others.
But now stepping in the real world,
Harsh it is in nature, covered by the evils.
Grandma taught me live in bliss,
Now came the answer to her
That bliss is a far away goal.
This world is fine but not are some people.
Very surprised to know and you too,
That this very big earth and world
Is but in the hands of powers of those
By which thousands dies a year,
By which thousands live sans of food.
Couldn't get what they will get
By their deeds worse than misdeeds.

"Don't believe! If there is war who will die and who will be protected more?? who has instigated the war? and who is being punished?"

Friday, March 28, 2014

lover's attitude

She was beautiful in looks, kind in heart
What can god make better than her.
Troubled by her love was me
Maybe i too for her.
we came together at the dawn
many came for our love to pawn
god is so great to remove them for us
gave the life real meaning to cherish, live.
time came in our way to part us forever..
sad was our heart and those knowing us
planned to come together once and for all
failed when i heard that she is with another.
death welcomed me to his arms
but i felt that another was there
to embrace me with another her.