Sunday, March 30, 2014

my say

When small, wished a doctor to be
Could help people live, unlike my dad.
Grew old and journalist became the aim
Now only five steps to make, make real.
History was in my blood, to know past;
See what was true and what was wrong,
Decide ourselves by the experience of others.
But now stepping in the real world,
Harsh it is in nature, covered by the evils.
Grandma taught me live in bliss,
Now came the answer to her
That bliss is a far away goal.
This world is fine but not are some people.
Very surprised to know and you too,
That this very big earth and world
Is but in the hands of powers of those
By which thousands dies a year,
By which thousands live sans of food.
Couldn't get what they will get
By their deeds worse than misdeeds.

"Don't believe! If there is war who will die and who will be protected more?? who has instigated the war? and who is being punished?"

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