Tuesday, January 26, 2016

CR7 from my views...

We know him as a player, a football player. His talent plus his massive hard work that puts him in the limelight of the people. Cristiano Ronaldo, for some he is idol, for some he is an object to hate.

In every nook and corner of the world there are very less people who don’t know him. People say he have huge ego that’s why they hate him but the truth is, ego is associated with every one even his haters and the fact remains that because of his ego he rises above.
Ronaldo pacifies fans

He gives his jersey to his fans and goes away but that particular fan falls to tears, holds the jersey so tight as though holding him. He goes personally to visit the patients, the sick people and he offer his helping hand, such is he though a footballer he is a man of inspiration and man who guides, a man who should be cherished for coming in life of people. His tears makes people cry, his success makes people joyful.

CR7 celebration
When he scores goal more than himself, his fans celebrates and when he misses a kick more than himself are his fans disappointed. CR7, a human whom every age, the youths, the kids, the adolescents, the olds remember as the reason to watch football, a reason to play football.

He have won 3 balon dor, second to Messi’s five. Although behind he have surpassed Messi as a human. A fans asks him for his shirt after him match, he replies, “I will give u my warm up shirt, this one I have promised for another.” See his loyalty, his respect for his fans.

That tears that his fans shed before they meet him and the tears that they shed after they meet him are but the tears of joy that we experience when we achieve our longing dream. When I repeated say about tears, don’t be bored. Tears when it falls from your eyes you will know, that too the tears of joy and excitement. Poets say tears are the purest expression of human heart.

Monday, August 31, 2015


Don’t know where to start and where to end;
The place where you live…..
I did come for thousand times and went;
But never seeing you was my disbelief…..

These have but haunted me for all my past;
Making the small, tiny place so vast…
To fate and to god of all world I give my bow;
For I wish to see her by any chance tomorrow.
Or even if it’s not possible I will keep this vow;
That I will hope even if I am on death row.


Friday, May 1, 2015

she calls melodiously DADDY

My happiness, smile, worries and laughter
Is due to my sweet, beautiful daughter.
Happy when she calls melodiously DADDY,
I smile in her acting as my best buddy.
Worry if she can grow up magnificently,
Laughter she brings in heart completely.
Such is my girl special to me and my life,
Whose reason she have been since the knife,
I've thrown which pierce my flesh and bone.
Now that my guiding star the GOD have shown,
To follow till death and love, care to my best,
And swear never to fall back to that darkness.

My daughter.

Like father like daughter.

My reason
Shy I was to the world my daughter is a mistake
                                                                                  Actually that's my mistake but now I 've wake.
 Realizing this world accepts me and my gal.....I am a father now proudly I'll say to all.

 "For our weak part turns to a great might and accepting reality is only the light." 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Walk even with Objections...

The clean air stained by fogs and cloud;
Can't even see the face who calls me loud.
Life that's so pure and bright in sunshine;
Is dark and unfriendly, and never fine.
A stream contaminated in rainy days;
It becomes clear and neat in other ways.
Mistakes we blunder in our own path;
Though time cleanse like a body bath.
In memories, thoughts it stays as a scar;
Hurting, paining more than those in war.
Living seems a waste and welcomes death;
Dying isn't liberation we feel, and wait.
Being happy, still dying isn't the satisfaction;
So it is natural to walk even with objections.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

personal emotions

Mad some have gone, tears that are shed.
Sad for having none, missing who are death.
Bonds that are done, future that can’t be bet.
Poor to buy a phone, being the regret’s pet.

In these four confusing lines I said my pains.
Every day and every season it always rains.
Though I stand, it makes me live in drains.
I have for all the time, all day tried to refrain.
It may be nothing to you in your brain,
 But for 20 years I have been in this sore train.

why use creams???

 Manage your looks and profile of Facebooks;
For it doesn’t count the pages you read in books.
The world a child dreams is but a fake;
Hard it is to, for people’s belief to make.

Look beautiful and damn so handsome;
Or you will be like all day full of rum.
Fact it is, true it is but no one do agree;
Deep inside it is with all at high degree.

That everyone loves the beauty of Cinderella;
That no one can praise the evil look of Dracula.

That Beauty and Beast were but only in tales;
That in today’s world Beauty and Brain never fails.
So that’s why I started to use costly creams;
Bought from the moneys earned with screams.


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Day care Centre.

Day Care Centre please.

Day Care Centre is a desperate need in my country. Parents who have job and whose children have to be left alone in their house really need a clean and responsible Day Care Centre. Such parents suffer lack of babysitters. Even if they get someone to babysit, they aren’t trained. And in such a situation many parents look at their own old parents as the last resort. I remember my middle school teacher, Galay Wangchuk, saying that many Bhutanese old people do hunch and their children make them to hunch more by making them carry their grandchildren.

Not just the employed parents, but this is the same case with the villagers. Women who are unemployed and bears a child, they too don’t get much time with their child. They have to work to earn for their husband’s wage alone can’t feed the whole family. At last the victim of many newborn is their grandparents. In our Buddhist country we have somewhat like a tradition or a culture i.e. old people must start counting the holy beads or circumambulate.

In every nook and corner of the country there is the need of Day Care Centre. Moreover places where there is this Care needs trained employees. Suppose today in BBS (27th Jan, 2015), it is broadcasted that a four year child is receiving treatment for two months in the hospital. He had fallen from the 3rd floor of the building. Hearing such news really tears the heart apart. Sincerely from my own perspective the employees of the Care must be well-trained and dutifully responsible.

Interviewees say that the government have to do something. Actually it shouldn’t always be the government. Government is not meant just to spoon feed the demand of people. We have got private companies who should start such Care with trained and responsible employee.

Last two words, “Day Care Centre” and “trained employees” can save the day.