Sunday, November 9, 2014

i am okay...

I wish to be all day happy,
Make other too and say yippee,
By my presence never hurt others.
I wish to be all time good for rather,
Maybe not just for myself;
Most of the time for ourselves.
Even if life give nothing best,
I ought to make other get in jest.
Nothing religious just a wish,
Grounded on my dream as childish.
The one I love the most and care,
Was never mine and wish never to hear.
I trusted the river for too many fishes,
Spent all day fishing, hoping for one.
Hated the truth that the river has none.
At last came to see that river was gone,
That it never existed in real,
Was only the fact to make the deal.
Now okay and sound I am,
Will go with whatever and never blame.