Monday, April 14, 2014

Hymn to....In Your Sickness

starry nights is all's love
all's love made by the stars.
stars made by the night,
night makes the twinkling,
bring the very charm of stars.
like the twinkling is you,
a friend very special,
sick you may be or..
star shrouded by the clouds,
will shine again, will come.
again to us as our best,
b'coz prayed in Zangdopelri,
negotiated your health with,
and god did approved us,
that you will be well again.
if not he be with his words,
no twinkling for any stars said.
now without it, stars charmless,
and without you our class too.
last the words..grant the wish..
pray for you our friend TeePee.

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