Sunday, May 18, 2014

i am a Bhutanese

Who am I?
I am a boy one year ago had qualified from the name kid and very soon would be promoted as a man. I had always wished to be a journalist. To serve my country and my people is my sole objectivity. By blood I am a Bhutanese, my grandfather used to say Bhutanese works for others. I too want to work for my people and my country. My country’s hard time is also a hard time for me. May never do my duty to my country as a hero but shall never fail to serve her in small ways. Journalist tells all my vows and beliefs.
What am I doing here?
Here in this Sherubtse College I am studying to make myself what I had wished for. Well, can also say preparing for future. I am doing great here, meeting our legends, getting inspired to do more than they did. Study is my only 30% concentration and 70% is divided in reading novels, chatting, watching movies and writing poems. The real purpose to be here is to study and I am fulfilling the purpose.
Where am I heading to?
I am heading to my dream, my longing ambition to be a journalist. Now almost a year is passing studying Media Studies and weighing what I got in one year is telling me that I am going to make it as a journalist. I am very excited as now there is only two years and after that a full-fledged journalist and at the same time in this two more years I will take lot from this college both in brain and heart.    
Tashi Namgay.
Eng/Media. 2nd semester.
Late submission, sorry sir.

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  1. hope you will reach to heart of the destination.................