Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Second Titanic

first came for a date with all her charms,
they were in grade 9,it was in his class room.
lunch one in the class to disturb.
he started with the tree seen outside.
that very first day he promised to her,
the promises he shall fulfill all his life.
first was to make her his lifelong wife,
always to make her live in happiness,
never to leave her when she needed.
she said with a smile and lets see.
all days passed meeting secretly in glee.
the way reached to kiss each other...
she kissed him to his cheeks, both blushed.
he went back satisfied, she burnt her dustbin,
as was her ever first kiss to her boyfriend.
next day laughed to fullest both of them.
and thence kissing was no more a tough job.
they hugged and kissed whenever was chance.
in love and everyone envied their partnership.
so much romantic to each other and for other
prominently called them by all the second Titanic.

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