Saturday, May 31, 2014

why can't a friend be friend with friend when.........

friends are my favorite channel,                                      
they live and makes me live.
14 years ago when i was a kid.
when grandma called for lunch,
i didn't listen as i was playing.
that days i chose my friends.
all my school life in school,
when there was classes,
i bunked with my friends.
that days i chose my friends.
when my girlfriend call for date,
and there my friend stood alone,
that day i chose my friend.
now even if god call me,
i am completely sure that,
i will choose my friends.
                                                     today when i am alone and lonely, dying.
                                                      why can't my friend be with me?????

                                       "friends die, friendship sails forever." -no one.

a dog and cat can be friends,


                               a man and a dog can be friends,

then why? why? why? why?
can't a man and a woman be.

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