Thursday, January 22, 2015


Walk we took with all friends, sound;
Sick and fell, heard, doing the round.                                                      
Couldn’t help, walked behind if needed:
What next? Steps took with mind dreaded.
Saw black brooch fell to the ground,
That turned happy summer around.
Thought for the night it’ll be mine,
The next day return it, will be fine.
The next day felt to give One day.
Waited, waiting that day comes no way.
Fear I do have deep inside,
If return, won’t the bond subside?
Even if we stop talking to each other,
Brooch will be the reason to come closer.

                                               Look to it whenever I miss her,
Gives strength and victory of war.
Sometimes questions am I right?
The brooch is hers, with me still bright.
I like her to her sometimes I say,
“Too” she never do to my dismay.
But she say I like you 234,
Making me smile and listen more.

Such thinking, memories this brooch carries,
Liberates me from the pains and other worries.
Before I lied, cheated to her, made her fool,
No more, only truth and honesty is my tool.

               Reminds me the brooch, the word I wrote.
From the heart I vouch, to leave no mote.
Pain I shall feel, when dies an innocent roach.
Sure it will heal, but not the going of brooch.
Belongs not to me, not even a boy’s thing.
With her safe it’ll be, tomorrow it takes wing.
the brooch


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