Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sahil missing u bro!!

Saw him amongst the red monks, in between the Buddhist honky-tonks.

Sahil in the Buddha Park, Syambhu, Nepal
Sat like the villain of Bhutanese film, with long hair and body so slim.
At the brain thought for a while, that just for a second he can’t smile.
He and I will never be friends, but we became in the tight ends.
I am lucky he is one of mine, and this bond will forever shine.
Ladies and lost won’t disturb, friendship of ours no one can perturb.

Memories we made in New Year, shall remain until death come near.
Idiots we were in the final night, truth and dare was fun, emotional plight.
Singing is not possible with this guy, listening to his song many may die.
Show him a brand new bike, the cost of it really turns him to a cute tyke.
Intention he holds of love and peace, its true......wonders never cease.
Never had we peed together, for my villagers believe it turns to brother.
Gaga he goes all the time, when near comes Kinley despite without dime.


U turn he couldn’t make, when he left us with giant sadness within awake.

Been religious when he isn’t far, “ROTATING” holy statues though below par.
Remembers him as our good pal, for whom really I can give up my gal.
Ocean may one day get dry, our bond won’t and pray god not to even try.


                                                                       SAHIL    MISSING    U    BRO!



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