Wednesday, June 4, 2014

don't eat this....lets hold our originality

Religion tells the the truth,
said by the monks in the valley.
may it be hilarious for you,
after reading this tell it true,
was it really hilarious?

human are never a meat eater,

lets prove from their say.
Dogs eat meats look by self.
if it is wrong, if you don't believe.
dogs are non-vegetarian,
see how dogs drink water,
they drink by their tongues.

now is direction on the cows.
cows are vegetarian really.
see they drink water like humans.
they bring the water in contact with lips,
same we do as the cows do.

make it for yourself,
how do we drink in our case,
like the dog or the cows?
make it in your mind,
give up the meat for kind.

" Animals are my friend and i don't eat my friends." - 14th Dalai Lama

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