Saturday, June 7, 2014

He loves YOU c......

Wonder do he really exist or in blue,
Sometime funny, sometimes so true.
Waited for almost two semesters for her,
Still she is very much far away there.
He loved her and still do every breath,
She don’t understand it’s for her a wreath.
He can’t tell her but to everyone,
His voice goes heard to no one.
For her he keeps all time the hope,
God shouldn’t tell him such as Nope!
One thing why his heart never change?
Another thing where is that gal’s range?
Such a true lover is nowadays rare,
Is she looking for someone to give her fare?
No one will forgive her that devil greed,
For which dies a true lover’s creed.
                                      “I have put my effort to make her think, just for YOU.
                                      If she don’t understand I will write again. Again and again just for YOU.
                                    Sorry if I am going beyond the limit, but my friend it’s just for YOU.” -2Ne3

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