Friday, June 13, 2014

Nowadays is no days........

troubled, confused, perplexed and mad,
nowadays is no days, my face smile a tad.
wake up with the thought of fun like the snow,
comes the tense of exam and many below.
tense are that strong to melt my hope for snowy fun,
wish to blow up the tense with Bin-Ladin's gun.

firstly should i do my exam well,
where are the notes? i am in hell.
can't stay late night studying....  
World Cup matches are ongoing.
exam comes every after semester,
World Cup only after four years.
this takes me to the side away of exam.
came here to study with parent's hopes,
should i go back learning the soccer's ropes?.
now yeah completely in dilemma,
sure at home thousand scolds of ma-ma.

Next semester will come many new faces,
now hostel Provost tells to welcome with graces.
how can we do that as in a room we should be in trio,
a room is designed for only two to be and 3 is so narrow.
system is so funny, squeezing fresh brains in a room,
will make college population high but will be in doom.
             slowly we will learn to adapt with three,
              those time of slowly will be never free.

worrying here how to see the third face in my room....................
Yeah nowadays is no days at all................. 

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