Tuesday, January 26, 2016

CR7 from my views...

We know him as a player, a football player. His talent plus his massive hard work that puts him in the limelight of the people. Cristiano Ronaldo, for some he is idol, for some he is an object to hate.

In every nook and corner of the world there are very less people who don’t know him. People say he have huge ego that’s why they hate him but the truth is, ego is associated with every one even his haters and the fact remains that because of his ego he rises above.
Ronaldo pacifies fans

He gives his jersey to his fans and goes away but that particular fan falls to tears, holds the jersey so tight as though holding him. He goes personally to visit the patients, the sick people and he offer his helping hand, such is he though a footballer he is a man of inspiration and man who guides, a man who should be cherished for coming in life of people. His tears makes people cry, his success makes people joyful.

CR7 celebration
When he scores goal more than himself, his fans celebrates and when he misses a kick more than himself are his fans disappointed. CR7, a human whom every age, the youths, the kids, the adolescents, the olds remember as the reason to watch football, a reason to play football.

He have won 3 balon dor, second to Messi’s five. Although behind he have surpassed Messi as a human. A fans asks him for his shirt after him match, he replies, “I will give u my warm up shirt, this one I have promised for another.” See his loyalty, his respect for his fans.

That tears that his fans shed before they meet him and the tears that they shed after they meet him are but the tears of joy that we experience when we achieve our longing dream. When I repeated say about tears, don’t be bored. Tears when it falls from your eyes you will know, that too the tears of joy and excitement. Poets say tears are the purest expression of human heart.

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